Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kieron Wraith Tattoos

Kieron Wraith is a successful British male model and personal celebrity trainer.

Kieron Wraith TattoosKieron has many tattoos on his body, covering most of his shoulders and back.

Kieron Wraith TattoosSome of his tattoo designs include, extensive Oriental style waves on his shoulders and back, huge black stars on his right and left arm, a lotus flower, butterflies, cherub and cross on his back. Plus a small star behind his right ear.

Kieron Wraith TattoosCheckout these pictures of his tattoos.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos

Evan Rachel Wood is a lovely young up and coming celebrity actress and singer, probably best known for her role in the movies, Little Secrets and Thirteen.

Evan Rachel Wood TattoosEvan Rachel Wood has four tattoo designs to speak of, including the phrase "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" which is just below her neck in the center of her back.

Evan Rachel Wood TattoosShe has a heart of vines with a lightning bolt in the center, located on her left thigh, along with a diamond on her lower left leg.

Evan Rachel Wood TattoosAnd finally she has the number "15" tattooed behind her left ear.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

X-PAC Tattoo

Sean Michael Waltman, better known as 1-2-3 Kid and X-Pac, is a professional wrestler who has been a part of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

X-PAC TattooX-PAC only has one tattoo design which we are aware of, and its a cross on his right shoulder.

X-PAC TattooIf you know of anymore tattoos on X-PAC, send them to us.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sonny Bill Williams Tattoos

Sonny Bill Williams is a famed New Zealand rugby football player of Samoan and European descent.

Sonny Bill Williams TattoosSonny has a few tattoo designs on his body including, a huge Samoan design which covers virtually his entire right arm and shoulder.

Sonny Bill Williams TattoosHe also has a the name "Williams" in large letters across the top of his back, plus another Samoan design on his right calf area.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Show Tattoos

Paul Donald Wight, Jr is a professional wrestler and actor who is best known by his nickname "The Big Show".

Big Show TattoosBig Show has four visible tattoos which we have spotted, including a Bengal tiger on his right shoulder and a lion his left shoulder.

Big Show TattoosHe also has a couple of tattoos on his legs.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Michelle Williams Tattoos

Michelle Williams is a lovely American actress who is best known for her role in the television series Dawson's Creek.

Michelle Williams TattoosMichelle has two visible tattoos, one being a design on her lower back which is difficult to see clearly, and she also has three birds/bats on her right ankle.

Checkout the tattoo pictures below.

Michelle Williams Tattoos
Michelle Williams TattoosMichelle Williams Tattoos

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Butt Cheek Buddy

If you have a really close buddy and you want to display your friendship toward him, just take him out to dinner or by him a football...

Butt Cheek BuddyBut whatever you do...Don't get his face tattooed on your butt cheek!

Butt Cheek BuddyHow will he ever explain this to his future wife and kids...Awkward!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rumer Willis Tattoos

Rumer Willis is a lovely young celebrity actress, however she is best known as the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

Rumer Willis TattoosRumer Willis has a handful of tattoo designs, she has a blue swallow on her right shoulder and a small star on her left hand,

Rumer Willis TattoosShe also has a saying tattooed on her right ribcage which reads "be present", plus a tiny rosary on her left hand ring finger, and a small design on the inside of her right wrist.

Rumer Willis Tattoos Rumer Willis Tattoos

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bruce Willis Tattoos

Bruce Willis is a great legendary film actor who is best known for his role in several action movies including the Die Hard series.

Bruce Willis TattoosBruce has three warring arch angels with swords drawn, tattooed on his chest and left shoulder, along with a large dragon tattoo on his right shoulder.

Bruce Willis TattoosIn the role of John McClane, he is seen with a skull wearing a top hat on his left tricep, however this tattoo design is fake.

Bruce Willis TattoosBruce Willis Tattoos

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Elijah Wood Tattoo

Elijah Wood is a great Hollywood celebrity actor, best known for his role as Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Elijah Wood TattooElijah has a single tattoo design which is located on his abdomen, its an elvish design meaning "The Nine".

Elijah Wood TattooHim and eight other actors who participated in the Lord of the Rings, all share this same tattoo, on different areas of the body. Checkout the pictures below.

Elijah Wood Tattoo Elijah Wood Tattoo