Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • Que opinais de mi Chuck?

  • Pallavi79
    02-24 12:23 PM
    The saga is Live Suspense Movie. :)

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  • valuablehurdle
    09-11 04:15 PM

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  • techbuyer77
    06-12 08:21 PM
    my lawyer said it was ok as long as I go back to work for them uon approval. GC is for future job, not current, according to USCIS Director memo.
    The problem is my previous employer is not doing well due to economy :(
    so I might not have a job upon approval
    Please do not imply I am doing something illegal, because it is not that way.

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  • mhathi
    06-19 04:43 PM
    1. if i want to change my job then do i need to transfer my H1(my spouse's H4) and also need to file AC21?? so when the PD become current at that time this new company has to file for her 485/EAD/AP... is that correct??

    It is correct that you need to maintain H1 status until your wife is on H4. If PD becomes current after you change job with H1 transfer, you just file for her 485/ead/ap. The new company does not do anything. 485 does not belong to the company, it belongs to you.

    2. i am thinking another option that if she transfer her status from either F1 or H1 then- can i use my EAD for new job and when the PD become current at that time i will be able to add her for 485/EAD/AP from this new company??

    Really appreicate your help..

    H1, yes, F1 no. F1 is not a dual intent visa. So if she accepts F1 then there will be an issue in then adjusting status to permanent residence. I am not sure about this, maybe someone with more experience/knowledge can confirm/deny.

    Hope this helps.


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  • cubedflash
    01-28 10:49 AM

    Sorry for the delay in the answer. I have never heard of an import staying with your FLA file after being erased. It sounds like there is an error in Flash. I would recommend contacting our support -

    Here are some tips from my friend Rushvision on keeping file size low:

    There are a number of different things you can do to decrease the file size of your exported SWF. Here are the some things for you to try.

    Scale your objects down in the Scene Editor
    Go to the Layout Page on the Properties Toolbar and decrease the scene size. You are working with vectors, so your images will scale back up very nicely once imported into Flash.
    Some objects have settings that allow you to change the number of segments used to create it, such as the torus and the sphere. Decreasing the number of segments will reduce the amount of data that needs to be rendered.
    Get rid of any unnecessary bevels. These add considerably to the total number of polygons that make up the objects in your scene.
    In the Preview and Export Editor under the General Options, you can set the Detail Level to low.
    Setting the slider farther over to Curves will usually result in a slightly smaller file size, but don't expect this one to work miracles.
    Experiment with the different Fill Settings. There is no one setting that works best for every situation. Try combining outlines with some of the simpler fill settings to get the greatest amount of detail and the smallest file size. It will often be a compromise on some level.

    Good luck!


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  • willIWill
    10-22 01:09 PM

    Your case seems peculiar to the ones that is normally discussed in this forum. I would suggest you post your message in the "ask a lawyer" section. You might get a better response from an attorney who practices immigration law.

    Hope all works out well for you.



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  • aries
    08-07 07:35 PM
    I came back on Sunday after landing with a expired visa but valid H1B till 2010
    My family had valid visa till sept 07

    So we donot need a valid stamped visa to come back. ? We can come back if we have H1 papers.Thanks for the respose.

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  • GCHope2011
    08-07 02:48 PM
    Issued in public interest

    Ever since Department of State (DOS) has issued visa bulletins having significant progression of something, what is known as a priority date in certain categories, COLTS has made a comeback to the immigrant community.

    For the uninitiated, COLTS stands for Compulsive Obsessive LUD Tracking Syndrome. Surprisingly, it is somehow associated with DOS's monthly visa bulletin and often lags the bulletin by 15-20days after the issuance of the same. It's highly contagious. The only antidote to COLTS known to the humankind is CPO, Welcome or other such emails from USCIS. It doesn't go into full remission until a physical GC is to the sufferer's hands. COLTS as a epidemic generally subsides when DOS severely retrogresses what is known as a priority date but raises its ugly head when the same progresses again.

    The symptoms of COLTS is several. The sufferer is often seen logging to the USCIS.GOV site with increasing frequency and making status searches every few minutes. It raises the level of angst when the antidote (as explained earlier) is not received. Sometimes it proves to be a predecessor to other syndromes such as CUPOJMS (Calling USCIS by Prince Of Justice Method Syndrome) , OSRS (Opening Service Request Syndrome), TIAS (Taking Infopass Appointment Syndrome) and CYCS (Contact Your Congressman Syndrome). The good news is, the antidote can correct all these syndromes at once.

    Immigrants from ROW (Rest Of World) seem to be immune from it. But immigrants from highly subscribed countries such as India and China have been found to be particularly susceptible.

    The last time this epidemic was of such ghastly proportions was in 2008 and that time too, it was known to lag the DOS visa bulletin which had significantly progressed the priority dates. Since the connection between the bulletin and the syndrome has already been proved beyond doubt, it's very surprising that DOS has not learnt its lessons and instead of slowly progressing the dates which will desensitize the sufferers, it is still progressing or retrogressing the dates by months, sometime by years.

    Your truly has the fast hand experience of suffering from the syndrome. Being abused and victimized by the visa system in early immigranthood, he developed the syndrome with the issuance of August 2010 visa bulletin. Only after the antidote arrived on August 3rd, did he made a sound recovery and was able to pen this.

    The immigrant community is advised to keep it under check and wait till the antidote arrives from USCIS.
    Good one!! Congratulations!! We wait for our respective antidotes to arrive some day.... as the oldie song goes - "aayega, aayegaa, aayega... aayega aane waala, aayegaa" :)


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  • knnmbd
    05-25 08:26 AM
    I presume this is independent of the Advance degree provision in Sec 508 of the bill. India/China would not qualify for the diversity visa program any way. Correct me if I am wrong.

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  • hiralal
    08-08 03:03 PM
    good post ..actually H1 program has become like a witchhunt (for better or not) ..I heard similar stories for those in cognizant (I thought it was a good company but I remember reading some postings which were contrary to my thought ) . one of my friend is having trouble with h1 extension keeps getting denied.


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  • seahawks
    07-25 02:01 AM
    I'm a new comer... I would like to contribute if I could...but what's IV?

    sorry that I was away the past weekend, thus the late reply
    IV stands for a forum where we are all writing, sharing our thoughts and helping in whatever ways we can on helping the confused often lengthy process of getting an employment based green card. Check out the home page and you will get all the information on all the wonderful founders, core members, volunteers and ofcourse all the members in whatever way are trying to help raise awareness on the employment immigration problems that we face and to see if we can get the honorable members of the house and senate understand our pain and bring some bill that will make us see light at the end of the legal line of aliens forever waiting for Green Card:)

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  • Houstonguy
    08-11 09:02 AM
    EB2-I/PD May 15, 2006/I-140 APPROVED 08/2006/I-485 FILED JULY 2/2007.


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  • sac-r-ten
    01-08 10:46 AM
    I understand this is your first post but..This question looks more demanding than a request for suggestion ...

    totally agree on that. i was about to say the same but thought may be some people cannot communicate properly in english and thats y the "demanding" tone.

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  • TomPlate
    07-10 10:02 AM
    Bharat Mataji Jai Hind. Ok Machi but currently we are working for an American Company not for an Indian Company.


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  • plassey
    08-04 07:06 AM
    If what u r saying is correct then I consider you a man of great intelligence, this is truly remarkable.
    LIN -> Nebraska
    07 -> Year in 2 digits
    225 -> Number of working days since October 1 2006
    5 -> Default for all electronic data
    4234 -> Serial number for the receipts issued on that day starting with 0001.

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  • quizzer
    07-05 09:52 PM
    Anything is possible with USCIS!!!


    chuck bass wallpaper. Chuck Bass Appreciation threadchuck bass wallpaper. Chuck Bass Appreciation thread
  • Chuck Bass Appreciation thread

  • prince_waiting
    04-11 02:39 PM
    Following conditions doesnt warrant a transit visa for Indian citizens:

    *you don,t need a transit visa if you have one of the following * *US* * residence permits:*

    * I-551 Permanent Resident Card (2 or 10 years validity)/ I-551
    Alien Registration Receipt Card (2 or 10 years or unlimited validity)
    * I-327 Reentry Document (2 years validity, issued to I-551 holders)
    * Resident Alien Card (2 or 10 years validity, only sufficient if
    the stay abroad does not exceed 1 year)
    * Permit to Reenter (2 years validity, only sufficient if the stay
    abroad does not exceed 2 years)
    * Valid Temporary Residence Stamp (1 year validity)
    * A valid visa or resident permit for the U.S
    * Advance parole
    * Approval notice

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  • bhavingreat
    09-22 10:10 AM
    hi All,
    I didn't find any topic on this so asking a question in a new thread.

    I got my GC last month. My company has some problem and requested to take pay cut (50%) for next 3 months. Will this effect my Green Card. I came to know that I should get the salary mentioned in the file at-least for next 6 month after getting the GC. Is this true?

    Please help me, I have to take decision ASAP.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    05-30 02:08 AM
    While doing some ad-hoc research after watching Valkyrie, I discovered this interesting bit of U.S. immigration history and couldn't help but be amazed how nobody seems to know or talk about United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (

    The Luce-Celler Act of 1946 ( was proposed by Republican Clare Booth Luce and Democrat Emanuel Celler in 1943 and signed into being by President Harry Truman on July 2, 1946, granting naturalization rights to Indian Americans (and Filipino Americans) and re-established immigration from India (and the Philippines).

    Food for thought...


    07-30 06:25 PM
    I got the following email alert today from USCIS:


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On July 28, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later.

    Does it mean my GC is approved or is there any other step - what is this ADIT processing?

    Anyways - for statistics I140+485 was filed concurrently in Dec'2006. 140 was approved last week. FP was scheduled for Jan 2'2006 - I could not make it on that date - got FP done in mid Feb'06. EAD and AP came in Feb'06.

    04-24 08:56 AM
    Since your I-94s are already expired, I would advise to talk to your attorney asap and follow his advise....Do not rely on a forum to get suggestions on a time sensitive situation...

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