Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • srikondoji
    08-11 08:53 PM
    thanks buddy. ignore that intelligent person.
    He seems to be living in different world.
    I hope moderators or admin or atleast pappu privately restrain this guy from his vitrious talk.
    Coming to attending the rally, lets get some more folks from manchester, nashua area and plan on to attend this event.


    SriKondoji & I both being from the NE area we communicated through this thread possibility of car polling for DC and I received a call from him last thursday(Aug 9th) regarding this from some Ohio area code. So buddyinus I can at least assure you he was travelling at that time.

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  • sathishav
    05-06 10:48 AM
    I am in a similar boat I got by second 140(EB2) approved this week. How do I know if my date is ported? Acutually I dont care about porting date I just want to find out if my new approved 140 is now referrencing my 485(filed under EB3) filed in July 2007.

    Thanks in advance for help.

    Did you check the New I140 approval notice? The priority date on the latest I140 will have your Old PD. I believe its also advised you file an interfiling request.

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  • m306m
    05-27 08:28 AM
    ^ to the top ^

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  • obviously
    08-15 09:29 PM
    I happen to be a freelance writer (not a journalist). In response to this thread, I have penned a 2,700 word commentary on the current challenges titled "The Plight of Promise". In order to beef it up with some compelling statistics, can 5 or 6 people respond to this thread with anonymized details of their specific circumstances and how they are suffering. Keep it to 2 or 3 sentences. I will cull out required data points to make the case. For ex:
    - AD, a 31 yr old non immigrant worker from Poland with a wife and two kids. Unable to get into stage 3, meanwhile need to change my job and relocate to a specific city where my child's health needs can be taken care of. Unable to do so because...

    If anyone would like to get the final edited version, let me know. You will be free to republish it without copyright concerns, subject to attribution.

    Lastly, I will be spending a good amount of quality time in this matter. So, I will respectfully ask people to resist their desire to 'nit pick' the pieces. Constructive, candid feedback, of course, is always welcome!

    hastily, but sincerely,


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  • McLuvin
    04-12 01:58 PM
    What's happening with the PERM approval guys??

    No approval off late... Its going in a snail pace since the last 10-20 days


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  • niklshah
    05-25 12:44 PM
    so the amendmants which were linked to war bill are differant than all this HR bills.....?


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  • glus
    07-06 01:05 PM
    What the USCIS has done today is what they call "Locking the stables AFTER the horse has bolted" ;)

    What a bunch of idiots, i swear this is WORSE than ANY of our home countries. Like I told my friend yesterday, atleast if the USCIS call center was based in India, the answers would have been consistent. They may have all been Wrong, but atleast they would be consistent.

    This is going to drag forever. Now, the USCIS will surely get investigated, as they approved some applications without FBI check complete....bunch of idiots in fact. I wonder when Chertoff will resign.....

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  • julsun
    01-04 11:11 AM
    Has anybody called the USCIS customer service number regarding AP ?

    If we have a emergency reason to travel out of the country, can we call the customer service and request expedited processing of AP ?

    One my friends got his wife's AP approved by scheduling an appointment with local InfoPass office. but you need a valid reason and proof for that. In his case he got his father in law's medical certificate from India.


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  • saveimmigration
    09-10 07:56 PM
    I greatly appreciate people doing visa number math. But guys, you are wasting your time. These guys dont do any math nor logic in the process.

    agree none cares

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  • knnmbd
    04-25 12:59 PM
    Guys what about the type of visa? I mean shud the start date be ur H1B start date or ur F1 entry date? Coz if some people start on an H1 a lot of us also started on an F1. In that case doesnt it make more sense to root for the clause that says the immigrant can apply for his own GC that is employer independant? If i am not mistaken, is that not already a part of the PACE act?

    Besides a lot of people are not sure for a while, if they even want to apply for their GCs or not initially. I personally know of atleast 3 such people. By putting the responsibility of application of the GC into the immigrant's hands, and empowering the applicant to apply for himself/herself, the process becomes a lot more transparent and fair. That way the day the immigrant decides to apply and applies is their PD. That way if someone does not start it as soon as he/she can, it is now up to them. Since the applicant Can apply for himself instead of being sponsored for a GC by an employer, it is no longer employer based, so no one can fault the employer saying that, "They didnt file for me for a year".

    In my opinion, just pushing ur PD to the date u entered will not really help a lot. Coz say ur current PD is Feb 2002 EB3 but u had entered in 1998. DOL/UCSIS will say, ok lets do that, and the next day they will say, Now the Retrogression goes back to the year 1996. Is that not possible? Currently what we need is the immigrant to be in total control of his/her GC process. That way the GC can take even 10 years, so long as the applicant and dependants can avail of EADs and Travel permits which are longer than just 1 year increments. If we are thinking long term, then shudnt we be looking at this aspect? The GC itself represents nothing more than total freedom in ur career and it's choices. If we can achieve the same thing without the actual GC, isint that our goal?
    I agree. Also, since F1 is not a dual intent visa this will not hold water. Anyways this is a ridiculous demand. We are not the law makers and we should consider ourselves lucky that couple of IV's amendments are in a few of the senator’s bills, though there are no guarantees if they will be included in the final text or let alone be passed. We should only push for what is already include in the 2 bills and not confuse everyone every time one of us comes up with this "brilliant" idea of using H1B entry date as priority date. So what's the next amendment we want " include the day I first envisioned that I will come to America as the priority date". WE NEED ONE VOICE and we have already been heard so let’s stick to what is practical and push those amendments through.


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  • vinzak
    12-10 04:09 PM
    Visa Bulletin for January 2010 (

    Should Section 202(a)(5) be applied, the rate of number use in the Employment preference category would continue to be monitored to determine whether subsequent adjustments are needed in visa availability for oversubscribed countries. This action provides the best possible assurance that all available Employment preference numbers will be used, while still ensuring that numbers remain available for applicants from all other countries that have not yet reached their per-country limit.

    Does this mean that spill over is not "quarterly" as we've been discussing, but rather at the discretion of DOS as to when they will spill over?

    While the added text as explanation in the bulletin is appreciated, it really doesn't clarify anything for me, so somebody please explain!!!

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  • amdn123
    09-10 02:01 PM
    I guess we have till September 30 to hope for approval.
    PD Nov 2005.


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  • mbawa2574
    07-07 07:47 PM
    Can Patton Boggs do better? Haven't we had more legislative success, I mean traction, when we partnered with Quinn Gillespie? Are we receiving sound advice on which of our grievances require legislative action and which ones can be redressed by a mere change in policy on the part of the executive? It looks like most of our current problems were not ushered in by any new law, but rather by a stroke of a pen in a memo by the incompetent and indifferent INS, USCIS, DOL and the State Department. No change in law was needed to make then deny us concurrent filing in Oct 2005 and allow it in July 2007. No change in law was required to deny us visa revalidation. One could argue that no change in law is required to belatedly use unused visas from the previous years. The list goes on. It should be easier to lobby a handful of buffoons in the executive branch with real power than 500+ buffoons on Capitol Hill. Has Patton Boggs served us well?

    We are hitting the wrong doors. We are not doing anything which gives us some visibility with media and politicians or administration. Time is running out guys

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  • chisinau
    08-01 11:21 PM
    What do you mean???


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  • BostonGCVictim
    01-02 04:45 PM
    This is from a guy who left after years of waiting. I don't know him personally but his prose is very powerful.

    Read it here at

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  • satyasaich
    07-16 01:06 AM
    As i pledged, i will add that additional $50 to make it to $2000 for today
    I'm hopeful


    Common people just $150 short. Pacific time people. Please help. We need 30 good souls from the West coast :)


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  • sam_hoosier
    01-03 04:06 PM
    I plan on staying here for 5 more years and then I am going back - GC or no GC ;)

    After having lived in the US for 8 yrs, I still find myself craving for all things Indian - food, grocery, music, friends, movies, TV channels etc.

    For me GC is just a convenience which will allow me to change jobs and hopefully get to the level that I should have if I had not been stuck because of the H1B.

    My kids are US citizens and they are free to come back & study/work/live here when they are old enough to make that decision.

    To go back after having managed to get here was a tough decision to make, but the whole retrogression thing has made it easier for me.

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  • villamonte6100
    04-01 02:38 PM
    Guys don’t presume you don’t have rights for this and that. late in spring of 2005 I had a meeting with my state’s senator and he took all my details and wrote to Backlog Center in Philadelphia. After 2 months his office called me and send me the correspondence they got from BEC. They had description about my file etc. my labor was cleared in a month after that. Apparently BECs informed his office about the approval too, and to my surprize they called me up again and told me the news. They are public office they are answerable to us, we need to ask…

    I'm not saying we don't have rights, but what you are asking are the internal workings of a government agency.

    You can't even vote. You can't even just change employers without hassle. You can't even just leave the country and come without proper documents. You can't even apply for a student loan. You can be deported any time you have a problem. You can't even renew your driver's license without showin proof of proper residency.

    Even with GC your rights are still not as good as a US citizen.

    Yes we do have rights.

    But the government is only answerable to a certain level. You cannot ask for information of the internal workings of a government. That's not going to happen.

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  • gc_check
    07-21 07:31 AM

    I recently got a aloan from BOA on EAD without any probem.
    The Loan officer was fully aware the visa sattus. Dont know how he maneged but for me I didn't face any problem in financing from BOA.

    If you still face problem send me a private message an I will pass his informations so that you will be on right loan offcer hands who understand visa status etc.

    Do you posses a valid / current visa along with EAD. They seem to be okay with visa, and seems to lack knowledge on the EAD/485 stuff. Can you please PM the link to the loan office you worked, if he is agreeing to talk / provide updates. BTW, mine is a re-finance, and never had problem before and this is the first time, the visa issue is causing difficulties. The reason I went through this loan agent is the rate I am getting.

    04-24 07:24 AM
    SGP, It took 3-4 weeks for a co-worker in eb2 to get an approval once labor was filed(excludes Pre activities like ads etc)

    It seems Feb 2011 is a golden era for PERM approvals , almost similar effect of July 2007. I have noticed people who filed in February got their PERM approvals in under 2 weeks.

    Thanks LONGGCQUE and forgerator. For the benefit of others, I will post the time time it took to get approval as soon as I get it.

    10-17 05:02 PM
    fromcisombudsman <>
    toVengi Mutthineni

    dateFri, Oct 17, 2008 at 2:49 PM
    subjectRE: Please consider the request

    Thank you for your recent inquiry.

    Under the authority of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the CIS Ombudsman assists individuals and employers who experience specific problems during the USCIS benefits seeking process, largely to identify problems and to formulate recommendations to improve the USCIS service. Please see our website for more information about the CIS Ombudsman (

    Our office believes that first hand information from individuals like you is the best source for identifying systemic problems in the immigration benefits process. Accordingly, our office will consider the information you provided regarding AC21 as we develop recommendations to improve USCIS� practices and procedures.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact our office, and for giving us the opportunity to serve you.


    CIS Ombudsman

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