Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • franklin
    02-13 10:49 AM
    That is not true. It CAN count... according to PERM guidelines (from

    "On-the-job experience with same employer is allowed for positions that are not "substantially comparable," meaning more then 50%, different from the original employment position."

    So if you are a Software Engineer and get promoted to Sr. Software Engineer or Product Manager then as long as you can prove that your job duties are 50%+ different than the old position, you can use that experience provided it helps you meet job requirements for the senior level position.

    Also see this:

    "Experience Gained on the Job

    PERM did not eliminate the ability of the foreign national beneficiary of the labor certification to qualify using experience gained with the same employer as long as the prior job was not �substantially comparable� to the labor certification position. A job will be considered �substantially comparable� if it �requires performance of the same job duties more than 50 percent of the time.�

    Apparently, experience gained with an overseas parent company, U.S. affiliate, or predecessor company will not be considered experience gained with the same employer. This is based on the definition of �employer� as an entity with a particular Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). This means that experience gained with an overseas parent, affiliate, etc. may now be used to satisfy the experience component of a PERM labor certification application."

    Interesting! Thanks for the correction

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  • GCHope2011
    09-07 04:33 AM
    Thank you for clarifying snathan. The company will definitely not do anything illegal, in fact it is the legality that is creating challenges. One other question came up today. If a qualified candidates applies for the job (PERM), does the company have to accept the candidate and let me go? All of these questions did not come up while filing EB3 but they are now concerned.
    I assume that since you are currently in EB3, your current job description is different from the job description for which your company (if they agree) will initiate the EB2 PERM process for. Also, the EB2 PERM process will be for "future employment" for the different job position than the one you currently hold (I am assuming this, in the absence of any other data), so they might not need to let you go, if they get any responses.

    If they get any responses to the EB2 advertisement, they will have to consider those applicants and provide them the same opportunity and diligence that they would to anyone applying for that position. If they do not find any of the applicants suitable for the position, they must have very strong and valid reasons why they cannot hire any of the respondents. Only in case they are unable to hire anyone of the respondents, can they even continue with the labor certification filing.

    Also, many employers are fairly certain that they will get many responses to job advertisements and hence they do not want to go through the process for hiring a lawyer etc. etc. etc. and initiating the labor certification process for GC, when they can directly hire someone from the market.

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  • h1-b forever
    05-11 10:48 AM
    yes, i did receive my ead card for 2 years renewed. here is the part that every one will be surprised and will like is that, this time, they gave my ead renewal starting from the date that it will expire this year. it usually used to be from the date they process the ead renewal application, in which case, we usually use some months since we will apply 2-3 months earlier. atleast this time, we are getting the bang for the buck, since i am reasonably confident that, i have atleast full 2 years of wait to receive my GC (my pd is jan 2003). keep in mind i am a highly optimistic person for the above confidence. though the reality is i may need to wait atleast 5-6 years before i get my GC. i am not kidding and i am serious abt this.

    This is good news. When did you apply and where did you apply for EAD? Are you considering to going to DC on June 7 and 8?

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  • forgerator
    05-20 10:15 PM
    Here are my thoughts about this so called Conversation:

    the topic of discussion will be - how to get illegals a greencard in a quick/fair manner. Any discussion of legal non-immigrants and pains they have to go through in the current EB2/EB3/Visa stamp topics will be considered taboo.

    It's sad but inevitable. Illegals are potentially in a better position to get greencard than legals like us.


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  • lonedesi
    04-04 10:08 PM
    A friend of mine who has a bachelor's degree from India applied for her labor through PERM under EB2 category, which was approved. This was done based on the attorney's advice. Later, when the I-140 was to be submitted, the attorney advised that they should file I-140 under EB3 as the employee just had a bachelor's degree and he thought that they would get an RFE or will not probably be able to justify her qualifications for an EB2 category. At that time he also mentioned that, once the I-140 was approved, they could go ahead and submit I-485 application as though it was an EB2 case based on the approved labor. Now that I-140 is approved under EB3 category, he is going back on his words and telling that since I-140 was approved under EB3 category, they should file I-485 as though it is an EB3 application. There is a vast difference in priority dates between EB2 & EB3 categories and this is not helping the problem. Would it be okay to apply I-485 under EB2 category based on the approved labor (EB2) or should one apply I-485 under EB3 based on the approved I-140 (EB3)? Anyone who has had any experience or has any information in this regard, please advise. Or did the attorney mess up first time and he is finding an easy way to fix the problem by going the EB3 route? I sometimes wonder if these attornies really know what they are talking about or they just out there to make money at the expense of innocent people like us.

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  • gcnotfiledyet
    03-16 11:16 PM
    Option 1 - Take Travel Insurance for 15 days. For young folks that is not pricey and covers emergencies.

    Option 2 - Just ignore....It is a matter of 15 days. Insurance is good, desirable, and highly recommended......but it is not something that deserves too much worry for 15 days for any healthy person.

    I would highly recommend against option#2. I had accident on first day of driving after coming back from India. I had been driving for 5yrs before it. Luckily nothing happened but you never know and that is why you have insurance. For this scenario check health coverage on your auto policy. But how many scenarios are you going to cover? Best to get some kind of coverage. It is not advisable to live in this country without health insurance. It can make you go back to your home country/file bankruptcy etc. Americans are not stupid to have such costly insurance policies.


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  • indyanguy
    06-15 07:31 PM
    Are 2 affidavits from parents sufficient if the birth certificate does not have a name on it?

    Please advise!!

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  • baleraosreedhar
    11-09 02:50 PM
    Hi All

    My wife received her H1 document approval notice yesterday, but her approval notice does not contain I 94.

    Employer says they will receive I 94 document seperately and they will mail it.

    My question is, Is Employer saying TRUTH
    Usually I94 is part of H1 Approval notice, ie bottom part, Do USCIS send out both these documents seperately.

    If my wife does not get her I 94 what are her Options

    your Response is truly appreciated


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  • chnaveen
    06-09 06:46 PM
    After the July 2007, there was July 2008, and then July 2009 before July 2010.
    So no need to think about that July 2007 every now and then.
    We should do our best like the one we just had, the Advocacy days in DC.

    We are expecting some surprises in the July Bulletin. Remember July 2007 fiasco. This year also there are some situations like CIR as before. What about the expected spillover? However, can we expect positive surprises?

    Let us start the prediction, analysis, etc, game for the July Bulletin.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-24 02:42 PM
    I dont want to know about the contributors. Again and again same people come and post. I am pretty much sure about it. I want some feedback from non-contributors.


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  • aperregatturv
    10-26 03:08 PM
    My Lawyer is saying that we cannot apply for AP without a valid reason and a valid paper such as someone is sick or wedding with a proof.

    Is this true?


    PD Feb 2004 - EB3 - India
    I140 Approved - May 2007
    EAD Approved - Oct 3
    EAD recd Oct 10
    H1B Status Valid - 2010.

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  • lvinaykumar
    04-12 12:33 PM
    cool. i was not able to find it


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  • superdude
    07-21 11:08 PM

    I have a couple of questions here:

    1) The last digit of the I-94# number is not very clear(Not sure if it is a 3 or 8). What do I write in the 485? Is there any way to find the correct one?

    2) I filed the I140 without providing the A#. I understand that when I dont provide one, a new one is generated. And the A# is usually used to link the 485 with the 140. Now when I apply for 485, if I give the A# from my OPT EAD, will it be a problem because a new number will be already generated for I140? Should I write the A# in 485 or just leave it??

    Thanks in advance for all the replies.
    I did not enter the A# on 485 as it is diff on 140 and OPT card. My lawyer suggested not to enter the A#. Pls cofirm the same with your lawyer

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  • abheja
    08-25 03:26 PM
    I am trying to port from EB3-->EB2 but my company is reluctant to pay the attorney fees. I am willing to pay the attorney fees but the company insist they must pay the fee. I thought the company must pay only the filing fees?

    This is a simple question but it is becoming a big deal for me. Thanks for your help.


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  • ilikekilo
    07-18 10:43 AM

    with all due respect, I really doubt if this is the bet way to get people to donate. Calling people cheap is not a nice thing and generally not recommended.

    I know your intentions are good and ...

    interpret nepa's message as people who did not contribute at all but yet expect a lot or whatever from IV can be categorized as cheap...

    lets help ourselves...

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  • rheoretro
    11-07 02:18 PM


    Many of the threads posted here are not directly related to "Employment-Based Green Card Retrogression". Most of them are related to problems we immigrants face day after day.

    I started this thread with a good intent. Many people who are searching for jobs are lured by "flashing advertisements" in sulekha. They find out the reality only once they start working for them and "Green Card" is sponsored.

    So if each one of us can post about good consulting companies we know about, it will help the current job hunters. (By the way, as far as I know, the majority of us in this forum work as consultants rather than as full-time employees)


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  • yabadaba
    07-23 07:09 AM

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  • Life2Live
    04-22 12:54 PM
    Is I-140 Premium processing is available now?

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  • senram
    01-21 05:26 PM
    But it works little bit different. The green card process is not purely based on merrit. But college admission is based on merrit in USA. But green card
    process is done by the requirement and eligiblity. For example for an Engineer position the requirement is BE and 5 years of experience and they are
    selecting based on Experience. Similarly for QA or Analyst position the requirement is similar but they do not need Aptitude similar to Hardcore Engineer position. So in
    this case after labor is cleared everyone of them is needed for USA irespective of which country he belongs to. So because of Country quota USA or US companies were not all
    impacted. But because of overcrowding of Indians and Chinese are impacted. Best way to say is because of country some one is cutting the line in the queue. But skill wise
    every one who cleared labor are eqully important based on the requirements. So quality of persons selected were not impacted by country quota. But it is discriminatory. But
    this kind of discrimination is in most or all of the countries in the world. Can anyone fight reservation in India and win? Atleast here we have provision to fight by advocacy
    and lobbying whether winning or not. But in our own country we cannot do anything about discrimination.

    The country quota extends to all the nations and is not specific to few countries (India, China....) UK, Germany, France have country limits too, its just that their countries are not oversubscribed like India, China...

    Country quota has no place in employment based green card system. The skill set that I have and that my employer seeks has nothing to do with the country that I was born in!

    04-29 08:49 AM
    Thanks a lot, gc_check. will u suggest to book the tickets?

    08-10 10:54 PM
    My PD is 6/6/6
    Hopefully current in Sep bulletin

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