Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • rajuram
    12-18 04:55 PM
    so rajaram, what do you suggest? any updates on action in Jan?

    I do not have updates�I wish I did. Like most people in these forums I am waiting for miracle to happen�.which probably will not happen.

    To me it seems like that the members are doing there part, i.e. sending emails, making phone calls etc. But it looks like our numbers are not enough to make a change in the policy.

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  • lonedesi
    08-04 04:13 PM
    In continuation to my posting from the previous thread (, I have made some changes to the draft letter based on the comments received from few members. Now I have two versions of the same letters, one for TSC petitioners and other for NSC petitioners. This letter addresses the delay in processing of I-140 petitions at TSC & NSC.
    Here are guidelines to mail this letter (pick the letter that corresponds the service center where your I-140 is pending):

    1. Please review the corrected draft letters and post any constructive comments on this thread to make it more effective. You can do so until 08/07/2008 (August 7th 2008)
    2. Based on the comments and suggestions received, I'll post the final version of the letter to be mailed on this thread on 08/08/2008 (August 8th 2008)
    3. Members can then copy/paste the letter onto a word document and then along with completed DHS Form 7001, mail the documents to USCIS Ombudsman's office early next week(08/11/2008 through 08/15/2008). Please note that this form needs to get your employers signature ( or whoever is the petitioner) as we are checking on an I-140 petition.
    4. You can find DHS Form 7001 at
    5. Please make sure, you provide complete and correct information on this form to be mailed to Ombudsman's office. All forms with incomplete and fake names will be ignored by the Ombudsman's office. So please provide the correct information to the Ombudsman's office for them to investigate this issue.
    6. Once all the forms and letters reaches the USCIS Ombudsman's office they will need atleast 4 weeks to look into this problem and send you a response. They are obligated to send you a response, since you sent them a completed Form 7001 inquiring about your case.
    7. Please post the responses you receive from Ombudsman's office on this thread. Based on the responses we receive, we can compile the responses and then take the next course of action with IV core's guidance.

    Please feel free to post any questions or clarifications you need before mailing this letter.

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  • go_guy123
    11-06 07:23 AM
    Good points chisinau

    Actually nurses have the H1c visa, but there are only 500 a year and only 14 hospitals in the whole country can apply for these visas. These visas last 3 years and after that the nurse has to leave the country. Not that employers don't want to apply for visas, it is just that many nursing positions DO NOT qualify for H1B! So the only viable option is the GC

    Will the July visa bulletin help you in anyway?

    This is the main reason why employers lobby for GC for nurses. It the
    availability of H1B that kills the chances of EB reform for IT people.
    Why lobby for EB reform (i mean do some lip service for EB reform while asking for H1B increase) when H1B is always available and more better from the point of view of employer.

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  • 485Question
    09-08 11:43 AM
    9 years


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  • hz_florida
    01-14 08:53 PM
    I haven't received 45 days letter yet, still waiting for it in patience. My information is below.

    Priority Day: July, 2003
    Altanta DOL RD: Jan. 2004
    Category: RIR, EB3
    45 day letter: not yet
    State: Florida
    ETA case #: T-05012-xxxxx

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  • rajeshalex
    09-10 09:40 AM
    This is really a bad news especially for those whose PD is between 2004-2005.Its like those who are waiting for a long time are being asked to wait more!!


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  • Libra
    09-11 10:24 AM
    sunderpn, vaccine and amit1234 thank you guys for your contributions. hope you guys can make it to rally.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-10 12:53 PM
    Please help me understand this:

    The Dept. of State's web site has the visa bulletin for SEpt 2008 as:

    1st C
    2nd 01AUG06
    3rd U

    And the US Consulate's web site at Mumbai has:

    E1 Current
    E2 1 April 2003

    So, how come Consulates got the latest information? Why not post this on the DOS page too by the DOS?

    I am so sick and tired of this whole process of GC. I am starting to question myself if this entire process of wait, is worth at all? If you are illegal, you are free in this country, if you are legal they scrutiny your papers with a microscope....I am sick, totally sick. There is a limit to patience, too.:mad::mad::mad:


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  • inspectorfox
    09-25 10:11 PM
    No extension yet... DL expires on Friday. I will have to figure out how to go to work, take care of my family without driving the car.

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  • vbkris77
    12-10 04:17 PM

    Section 201 of the INA sets an annual minimum Family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000, while the worldwide annual level for Employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 sets the per-country limit for preference immigrants at 7% of the total annual Family-sponsored and Employment-based preference limits, i.e. a minimum of 25,620.

    - The annual per-country limitation of 7% is a cap, meaning visa issuances to any single country may not exceed this figure. This limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. The per-country limitation serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the visa numbers by applicants from only a few countries.

    - INA Section 202(a)(5), added by the American Competitiveness Act in the 21st Century (AC21), removed the per-country limit in any calendar quarter in which overall applicant demand for Employment-based visa numbers is less than the total of such numbers available. In recent years, the application of Section 202(a)(5)has occasionally allowed countries such as China-mainland born and India to utilize large amounts of Employment First and Second preference numbers which would have otherwise gone unused.


    Cut-off date movement in most categories continues to be greater than might ordinarily be expected, and this is anticipated to continue for at least the next few months. This is because fewer applicants are proceeding with final action on their cases at consular posts abroad, and the volume of CIS adjustment cases remains low. Once large numbers of applicants begin to have their cases brought to final action, cut-off date movements will necessarily slow or stop. Moreover, in some categories cut-off date retrogression is a possibility. Therefore, readers should be aware that the recent rate of cut-off date advances will not continue indefinitely, but it is not possible to say at present how soon they will end.


    Many of the categories were "unavailable" at the end of FY which resulted in excessive demand being received during October and November. Coupled with the fact that CIS Offices have been doing an excellent job of processing cases, this has had an impact on cut-off date movements. Some forward movement has begun for January as we enter the second quarter of the fiscal year.

    In my view CIS is not processing the applications fast enough to be using the benefits of INA Section 202(a)(5). We need to understand reasons behind this. Per the official bulletin, it is clear that if CIS can process them fast enough, we could see a movement of EB2 till end of the 2005. How many times should CIS pre-adjudicate before actually approving the EB AOS applications?

    State made a good start to give an explanation for these dates. But they still didn't consider DOL application volume and CIS processing bottlenecks in processing AOS cases. IV needs to ask CIS on processing capacities of AOS applications. If they can't process them fast enough, They need to open up the AC-140 process for India (it is available only for Bombay) centers to get the cases approved by state department in a much faster way.


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  • Ravneetsingh
    10-01 12:59 PM
    Pls excse my noob-ness, i have read all the pages of this thread but cudnt find a precise answer.
    I am in the Rn program, and wud be graduating in may08, hopefylly pass nclex and start OPT by june08. i can then start with my visa screen, and I140 as these are not retrogressed, but if retrogression continues and i am not able to file I485, do i still get an EAD. my guess is 'not' but just trying to confirm as i wud have to plan to continue with studies after 1 yr of OPT.
    and btw thanks for tons of usefull info!

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  • diptam
    07-06 10:37 AM
    Hello DDL/DML,

    Please dont say anything against anyone without understanding the point.
    Who the hell gave you the right to twist my statement and personally attacking me as "anti immigrant" ?? Where i have said that reversal of 20 K GC will help us ??

    My simple point is the whole USCIS process is broken and that needs to be improved and rationalized . Now you/me/an immigrant can't initiate that process. The push has to come from influential CITIZENS who we call Senators , Congress Man/Women, House Representatives and so on so forth.

    For them to take a step they need push from american peoples. You know why CIR has failed - the senator phone lines were jammed , Talk radio was blasting Bush , Kennedy for doing behind the door deals.. that's why...

    Your/my opinion never stalled CIR - its american citizens who stalled it.

    Unless citizens see a good reason to overhaul USCIS process where the push would come from ??

    If these are the ONLY arguments we can use to get media attention then let's not use them at all. This WILL hurt us more then it can help ! I have a question: Are you one of those anti-immigrant people because you sure behave like one !

    If they revert the decisions for 20000 greencards and put the visas back in the pool, how would that help us ALL ???


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  • akhilmahajan
    07-15 09:14 PM
    Total So far 1735.00. We are Well short of our target of 2000.00. Let's Go Guys. $5 to IV = Hope for GC.


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  • laksmi
    12-27 09:19 AM
    My AP was filed on July 2nd along with 485 but receipt shows Oct 1st, any how received AP approved notice on Oct 23rd to my communication address but the USCIS online status was not updated till now with the Approval statement but I have the approved document, when I called the customer service they said it will take 30 to 60 day to get updated.
    Any how there is a printing mistake of my Name I have send back my AP original again to USCIS to get it corrected, it was there mistake and almost 40 days now I have not got any response on my AP till now.

    Please comment if any one with such situation.

    Thank you


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  • indio0617
    03-09 10:05 AM
    senator brownback: amendment on J1 visas

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  • ind_game
    05-14 08:41 PM
    Here is the scoop.

    from US Congresswoman's office, an immigration specialist spoke to their liaison at the Nebraska Service Center.

    Liaison confirmed the following:

    1. I-140 approval in September, 2007 (actually 09/04/2007 as I have the hard copy)
    2. I-140 revocation in Feb, 2009 ( he has not provided the day of the month, but from LUD I have it strongly pointing to 02/03/2009)
    I have not told the Congresswoman's office about the I-140 revocation. Just mentioned that it might have happened as I have left the company.

    3. Liaison did confirm that even after the I-140 being withdrawn I am eligible for adjustment thru AC21.

    4. Liaison did agree that if the I-140 was revoked within the stipulated time given in AC21, Nebraska’s decision to deny the I-485 may have been in error. (which in my case is true)

    Immigration specialist at the Congresswoman's office is going to contact the Director of NSC to review this matter with a supervisor

    Unanswered questions:

    1. If the Liaison can see that my I-140 is approved on 09/04/2007, why is that the adjudicating officer is responding with a denial on 09/04/2007 and subsequent denial of I-485?
    2. Are they both not looking at my information with same interface?

    Atleast in my case it looks deliberate and intentional.


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    07-06 08:37 AM
    Guys...digg this one religously..
    For the first time one article connects our needs to what Americans are interested in; Homeland security.

    Guys, not to say that they should approve cases without background check but are you sure this will not turn against us if they associate USCIS being efficient (approving cases faster) with them taking shortcuts and give GC to people who are a threat ??

    Everybody here wants some of those "reserved" (already taken for cases not yet approved) visas to be available again but nobody thinks what this will do to us in the long run because some might read the news and conclude that USCIS just gives green cards to people that might be a threat.

    As for my angle on this, I did not file yet so I have no case pending waiting to be approved....


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  • amitjoey
    07-19 03:41 PM
    Confirmation Number: 1RS188876V717273E

    Made another $100 contribution today. I hope that all members now realize that IV is doing a great job of addressing our issues and finally coming up with some results. This is just the beginning and the member contribution will determine how much more IV can accomplish. If we all don't join forces and contribute one way or the other, 8 or 10 core members alone can't do much.

    Membership and their contribution is the real strength of core team and if either one of those dries up, IV will no longer exist and all EB folks will once again become the step child of immigration process and no one will care about us. We have a voice now through IV, people know that we exist and realize the legal immigration process is badly broken and needs repair. Government and politicians have taken notice and agree that there is a problem with legal immigration. This is very significant. If we would like to continue this fight, contribution is a must.

    For those who are still hesitating to contribute, there is always that F5 (refresh) key which you can keep pressing and hope that some how pressing that F5 key enough times will result in some relief. You folks have more faith on that F5 key than IV and I wish you good luck with your green card process. Once you do get your green card, please let us know how many times did you have to press that key to get a green card. That will set the bar for the future generation of EB applicants.

    Thank you.

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  • DDash
    07-15 12:22 AM
    Just kidding....donated $25...Way to Go IV!

    08-10 01:46 PM
    Did you file concurrent?

    Its random at best then anything else. According to my lawyer, my application (EB2) was there July 2nd morning.

    08-23 08:55 AM
    Why there is nothing for EB Multinational Managers? Even a small project manager gets a priority greencard and people with masters degree and 10 year experience are waiting. Nobody has told to USCIS yet?

    Where is GCperm when you need one?

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