Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • checklaw
    07-05 04:05 PM

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  • sri1309
    03-06 03:10 PM
    I agree. EB3-I would go U for rest of the year.

    I wish EB3-I and EB2-I go to U in this bulletin. It may be possible then, that people will start acting. Else we keep doing this every month. Look what we did this time last year or 2007. Same dreaming about the bulletin and then wait for next month.

    God "make this bulletin U for all folks and , then they will start making some noise atleast"..

    Who stopped us to write to senators and President who has even a Website open to take our feedback..

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  • sagis99
    08-08 10:33 AM
    Here is a quote from an email i received from the Ombudsman's office:
    "Our office is in fact at this time actively probing the I-140 situation you describe generally."

    This was in response to an e-mail i sent them, describing the situation (my wife's I-140 from April 2008 got approved before mine, which was submitted, you guessed it, on July 2007)

    So maybe there's some hope here, who knows.

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  • Bodran
    06-01 01:11 PM
    Hi All,
    I want to know if my 19 year old son can be affected by aging out.
    I have just received ALC certification and will now file I140 and I485 concurrently as my priority date NOV 22 2004 EB3 Rest of World will be current in June.
    Can someone who understands the aging out rules tell me if my son may have a problem?
    Thanks in advance...


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  • ramaonline
    06-16 06:40 PM
    Another paypal contribution on top of the previous amts - just in response to those friendly bumps..

    ID - 8U366744YC025615S

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  • onemorecame
    07-24 12:14 PM
    I think I have been very lucky so far. I don't think USCIS processes based on anything concrete, I think it's a little random. Or maybe I am just lucky.

    I applied for PERM in Sep 2006 - EB3 - India.
    I got approved for PERM in Mar 2007.

    I applied for I-140 and I-485 concurrently in Jun 2007.
    I-140 got approved July 20, 2007 and on July 23, 2007 I received all 4 receipts for I-140, I-485, EAD and AP. So my approval came before my receipt. I live in California so everything went to Nebraksa.

    Lawyers emailed saying they also received the EAD card yesterday July 23, 2007.

    Now I have to wait for only AP and Adjustment. And I still have 5 years left on my H1-B (2 years on this visa and then another extension).

    So I say, anything is possible. I wake up every morning and pray to USCIS because they made my life better :) :) :)

    how did you applied in i-485 on June 2007? or you applied on July 2nd?


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  • Immi_Nightmare
    07-06 05:56 PM
    aarbi, did you do your medicals, did you loose your work day, did you paid your attorney, did your wife(if any) came back from middle of the vacation, did you had health problem when you done your medicals....did your app got stuck at USCIS for years......
    sleepless nights for those people who's answer is YES for most of the above questions

    My wife is in the exact sme situation as yours . She to scramble around in India to get her passport re-validated after my H1 extension in the middle of her vacation and board the next flight to US , go through the medical tests only to find out that the dates have been pushed back again.

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  • theonlyron
    07-24 05:48 PM
    I am a PT on an H1B visa working for the last 3 years. I have a pending I-140 (PD March 07). My husband and I shall be filing our I-485's soon. My visa screen is valid till Nov 2009. At the rate things are moving dont think my PD will be current for a while. Does that mean I have to renew my visa screen in 2009? Not sure if it had to be present at time of filing I-485 or at time of receiving a visa number.


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  • Humhongekamyab
    02-18 04:27 PM
    Mine too is the same. I hope we are not from the same company. I remember, I had to fight asking my employer to file the labor since they were delaying without giving any reason and they did filed a bunch of labors on the same day.

    No we are not. I work for a company which has only filed two PERM since it was incorporated. Nice to know our priority date is same. Stay in touch - let's see if they approve our applications around the same time. All the best.

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  • vin13
    03-12 03:33 PM
    Unfortunately, we will never know the daily or weekly details. If you see three bills introduced in a year like you saw last year, then it is the result of lobbying effort. IV core has periodic meetings with lobbying firm and all your money goes into that. Plus several trips to DC by IV leadership, to represent YOU and ME.

    Are you part of core?

    Can i take that core will not even give out information on what efforts it is lobbying currently?

    I wonder how i will convince some of my friends to contribute to an effort which is not shared?:confused:


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  • nivasch
    03-09 05:07 PM
    From Visa bulletin for Schedule A Workers (Q..)

    Schedule A Workers: Employment First, Second, and Third preference Schedule A applicants are entitled to up to 50,000 �recaptured� numbers.
    So from now on words those 50k can be use for us?:confused:
    EB3_NEPA, I'm pretty sure that's how it works. They first use the regular EB3 numbers available.

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  • srikondoji
    08-02 03:52 PM
    I told him that i have to make travel arrangements for the month of october.
    He said to call back mid next week, if i didnot get the receipt by then.

    Looks like they are having aggressive internal deadlines.


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  • priti8888
    07-23 03:35 PM
    one of those who got labor approved fast from BEC...and slipped thru quickly....yes, I mean quickly even though it took 2.5 years

    We suffered a lot as well..We applied first in 2001 and then my husband got laid off and had to start process all over again. We are on our 9th year H1 , so it was'nt all rosy for us ..

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  • Mouns
    04-30 03:26 PM
    Due to 9/11?
    Do you understand the frustration among people who want to make this work and who want to defend the system?

    In other way, what good is there to follow the law while illegals have it easier?

    Great question!

    --- Answer

    yes we understand (sure...). Two kinds of backlogs:
    1) Processing backlogs, due to the surge and other issues. We try to provide services timely, we understand our responsibility (no info as to what is being done and how this will change in the future)

    2) Limitations due to law: (PDs). Demands is greater than the visa numbers (China, India, Mexico, Philipine: You are screwed here!) => 20 years or more of waiting.


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  • Kodi
    06-29 03:49 PM
    WOW that's really long. You should ask your attorney to file an inquiry.

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  • singhsa3
    07-20 04:07 PM
    Not really, your I-485 information has to be put in the system first.
    If I am first in the list, base don the claculation, I will get it in 5 minutes,Thats true, the last person will have to wait for 20 months:)


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  • krishnam70
    07-23 08:36 PM
    Thanks for letting us know about your friends. At least we can see that USCIS is trying to clear 2004 applicants. They will be taking care of 2005 soon then. :D

    Dont mean to dampen your spirits, happy for the poster of this thread. Could have been lucky to get approved while people like me ( Sep 2003) PD waiting 485 filed 3 yrs ago.

    anyway cheers -- go partying

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  • immm
    07-19 02:07 PM
    Since both A and B were current at the time of AOS approval. Person with earlier RD will take precedence. however if the cut off date were April 2003, person B will get the visa.

    Not necessarily. Here is a hypothetical scenario:

    PersonA = PD of May 30th, 2003 and RD of June 15th, 2007.
    Assume that an additional 150,000 I-485 applications were filed petween PersonA and PersonB
    PersonB = PD of May 15, 2002 and RD of July 15th 2007.

    USCIS starts pre-adjudicating cases based on Receipt date. Assume that by October 1, 2007, they have pre-adjudicated PersonA plus 9,000 of the 150,000 applications and haven't reached PersonB's application yet (they go by RD).

    Assuming that the visa cutoff date in Oct, 2007 bulletin is June, 2003 making both PersonA and personB current:
    PersonA (PD of 2003) will get a visa number and get the case approved while PersonB (PD of 2002) with an older priority date will have to wait a while because his case hasn't been touched by USCIS yet due to the additional 150,000 filings in between that have to be pre-adjudicated first based on RD even if they have 2004/2005/2006/2007 priority dates!!

    You forgot that there were another 150,000 applications in this example with RD prior to PersonB and it is very likely that many of them could have the PD of April, 2003. Therefore, PersonB will still not get it even though he/she has an older Priority date!!

    I think that after this stampede of application filings in June/July/August, USCIS needs to sort them by PD first otherwise people with older priority dates will suffer simply due to the volume of applications filed!!

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  • raysaikat
    01-06 04:11 PM
    I am not sure why people jump onto drawing conclusions so fast...look at the above post from a so called professor....he encountered a couple of a folks from some universities & concludes that those universities are just crappy....!! Many of my colleagues are from the professors' "oh-so-good" list of IITs/univs and they are no better!! (In fact, some of them suck so bad)!!

    raysaikat - Do you really think any student from the above crappy-univs could not tell what is f(0.7) by looking at the graph?? Do you really think those univs (anna/osm...) are so bad? Now another question for you come are you working in a university that's giving admissions to such a bunch of crappy folks...!!?? Given this fact, can we also safely assume that the university you are teaching-in is a Crappy one, which could only attract the bottom pile from your above list of crappy-universities??

    PS: Sorry for digressing from the main topic of the thread.

    I do not particularly disagree with either points. AFAIK, there are many colleges under the Anna University (i.e., students from all colleges get the same degree); some of them might teach properly and students may learn something. But the point of illustration was that there got to be some serious problems with those degrees if a significant number of students are getting that degree without actually learning/knowing anything. I never made a statement that *every* Anna/Osmania Univ. student is bad. My statement is that I have witnessed a large number of singularly bad students with degrees from those Universities. Those students may well be at the bottom pile. The point is that even a bottom level student who get an engineering degree must know better than those students: otherwise they should not be given the degrees. There are not-so-good people in IITs (B.Tech) as well; I know a few personally. But even they are way better than the students I have encountered. Let me know if you have met some B.Tech (and not M.Tech) from IIT who cannot write a 'hello world' in C; I am very curious.

    I also do not disagree with your second comment. But that clearly illustrates the point that Wadhwa stated; there is a severe shortage of jobs that *require* a Ph.D. It is plain impossible to get a faculty position in a reasonable school in CS/EE, in particular, in computer networking. There are just no jobs. Note that my track record is quite good: Ph.D. from a good school (although not in the top ten) with a good publication list (a reasonable number of papers; all in good journals/conferences like Transaction on Networking; JSAC; INFOCOM, etc.; most of them cited many times) and a post-doc from an Ivy league school. At present, other than Biomedical Engineering and related fields, faculty positions are very scarce. And hopefully you understand that you cannot "change fields" like a computer programmer since in academia you need to have a research record of 4-5 years in the new field before you can change to it. I wanted to be in academia and struck this trade-off of accepting a position in a not-so-good school.

    03-08 02:05 PM
    He has asked the absent senators via staffers that if they do not want to come to hearings, they can leave this committee and let others take their place. Apparently they need atleast one democrat to proceed.

    He is waiting for atleast one more senator to turn up before 3.15 pm else hearing will be adjourned

    Senator Cornyn is offering a new amendment now (#6107 ) illegal aliens convicted in felony cannot file for petition for spouse...again this is not related to us

    07-18 12:49 PM
    after going through some of the posts, i understand that there were earlier attempts to add SKIL amendments to other bills but it didnt fly..

    Was there similar attempts to add provisions to 'capture unused numbers' and 'not include dependents for visa number count' to other bills before? Are these much more difficult to get done? Just want to know the history of these issues in the legislature...

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