Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-14 03:49 PM
    Bumpers...please bump this thread...this should be on top...

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  • vparam
    09-18 09:41 PM
    vparam/ anyone,

    i have 2 questions

    when i move into my own LLC how far do I need to go in terms of documents/ pay-stubs to prove to the USCIS that it's a legitimate company/ job offer? i guess i am a bit confused as to how to present to USCIS my dual role as owner/ employee with 140 job description?

    also from your experiences is it practical (in terms of taxation) to just run your own payroll (from consulting) through your LLC - meaning you are the only employee in your company?

    thanks in advance,

    Ref (Murthy): " Foreign nationals can port their cases to a self-employed position! This is a very favorable stance, as many foreign nationals desire to establish their own companies and, in that way, control their own destinies. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong among many immigrants. The Memo reiterates the need to show that the new position or job is the same or similar. It also states that the new employer and job offer must be legitimate.
    In these situations, the USCIS is to focus upon whether the original job offer was really the intended employment at the time the I-140 and I-485 were filed. That is, the petitioning company must have intended to employ the foreign national beneficiary and the foreign national beneficiary must have intended to accept the position at the time of filing the I-140 and the I-485."
    I think the 2nd paragraph means USCIS might want additional RFEs from your 140 employer later on to prove that original 140 employment offer was valid.

    Easy way out... if you are married then your spouse could be the president (owner) and you could be a SW dev or whast so ever it states in 140/ labor.

    you need a bank account for your company, you could run your payroll by buying quicken business and issue check for you as employee... Mind your business is separate from you employment... that you cannot take all the earning as salary, some as salary, some as profits is possible

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  • snowshoe
    05-04 12:27 PM

    I came across this page (yet another pixel ad page) which states that it will be donating part of the proceeds to IV.

    Check it out:

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  • ilwaiting
    04-25 11:37 AM
    H1B believe it or not is a "dual intent visa". F1 is NOT a dual intent visa. So what that means is even tho a person entered USA on H1B(which is Nonimmigrant visa) he can have a dual intent to "adjust status" and become a permanent resident.

    So I would think it would very wise to be given a PD based on when a person started working on "H"

    Coming in through H1 does'nt show your intention of becoming a permanent resident of this country. It only happens when the LC is applied. Although the entry date is an ingenious way, it will only create more issues. Now some one who comes in F1 can also ask for the same benefit when they move to H1, to take their entry date in F1 as their priority date. I believe the culprits are the labor substitution and the labor certification sales. Those are unfair. Stop labor substitutions, and if they need one, then use the 140 RD as the PD. That should solve most of the problems and people from using labor sub to jump the line.


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  • shadowboxer
    09-27 09:16 PM
    You are only waiting for 7 years. Wait time is calculated from Priority date not the date you enter the country.

    Don't talk like a lawyer to her. For all intents and purposes, wait time starts when somebody sets foot in this country with the intention of becoming a permanent resident someday.

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  • psaxena
    06-11 01:08 PM
    Leave aside the asset I am in debt of over 200K , If I leave the country looses may be 1-2K
    thats it.

    I just did the math.

    I am sure most of you have assets worth of at least $150,000. So if 300,000 are stuck in the backlog. This would mean if these guys leave this country, then that would be $45 trillion loss for USA.

    Guys is there a way to get some media publicity of the possible loss of $45 trillion for USA due to US Immigration mess??

    CORRECTED => Just should be $45 billion, not trillion......hey still it is a lot of money


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  • ajaysri
    01-07 01:36 PM
    I think the key is the person approving the loan needs to understand immigration to certain extent. Its important that we let the officer know up-front about our immigration status so that there are no assumptions and surprises.

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  • makemygc
    07-05 11:01 AM
    We need to have sticky & web fax on this issue

    This thread should be sticky as that will encourage others to do the same. I am wondering why there is no such guidelines from core so far but then I think core is just one of us like pcs who takes the initiatives.

    Nice job pcs.


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  • julsun
    01-04 11:11 AM
    Has anybody called the USCIS customer service number regarding AP ?

    If we have a emergency reason to travel out of the country, can we call the customer service and request expedited processing of AP ?

    One my friends got his wife's AP approved by scheduling an appointment with local InfoPass office. but you need a valid reason and proof for that. In his case he got his father in law's medical certificate from India.

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  • jasmin45
    09-08 02:17 PM
    The unbelievable growth in India made me explore a bit in terms of investments, ended up with the financial advise and recommendation from experts that we cannot directly invest in equity as an NRI. Only investment allowed it seems, for NRI is in real estate. Not sure whether this is true. There holds the surprise I could not add up the numbers in real-estate in India. Real estate in India is darn expensive even by international standards (with per capita GDP of $700->$2500 per annum).

    Flats in Indian hub cities: 2-bedroom, 1000 sq ft apartment for average $200,000-$300,000 and above. ( Condos in most major metros in USA: 2-bedroom, 1000 sq ft average $200,000-$300,000 (google housing)

    Given that, median income in US is 50 times more than India. I thought the Indian cities are up in bubble. Next, look at agricultural land prices.

    Agricultural land in Northern part of India is average $50000 - $250,000 per acre (www. where in east, west and south is about $20000-$200,000. In Villages its about $15000 to $50000 per acre.

    Agricultural land in US is in the range of $6000-$15000 per acre. ($12,000 per acre in NJ, $6,000 per acre in California and $8,000 per acre in Florida. From USDA website)

    Now You can do the math. Commercial land is even more expensive in india.

    The reason, people say, population density. Now lets look at this factor, the density in India is much higher than USA. But, compare to NJ, NJ is actually slightly more densely populated than most states in India. Real estate is regulated by government in India that prevents easy buying and selling and land survey records are not properly maintained which makes it easy to bump up the price.

    Can someone explain to me how in the world, the farmers in India who make less than $1000 per annum continue to own land that is valued at several $100K? How many can afford a home in that country?

    Is this what economic experts call "bubble"? I believe there needs to be a correction in the market in India to avoid a disaster.

    Good analysis. How long did you take to put this together this comparison?


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  • apet2007
    03-10 11:18 PM
    You must be a permanent resident to open or own an S-Corp. An LLC is the best way to go and if you are not engaged in actual sale of goods, you can register this LLC in Nevada and pay no corporate taxes. I've done it. All income then passes through your own filing. Have a CPA and I strongly recommend you do this. Registering a NV LLC only costs $195 annually. Go to and it will walk you through.

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  • GoGreen
    08-11 10:13 AM
    How many of us contribute to IV in terms of time, $ etc.
    and how many are some free riders?


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  • 9years
    11-05 02:47 PM
    Check this thread

    Few months back I have seen a thread on immigration voice forum similar case approved.

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  • chi_shark
    02-23 05:45 PM
    In the guideline for interpreting the dates USCIS hasn't mentioned anything about PD being current. So I think they process applications regardless of PD being current or not

    'The table shown below is intended to be a tool for customers to view our processing times. When applications and petitions are completed within our target timeframes, those timeframes will be shown (example: 3 months). If we are not meeting our target timeframes a date will be shown (example: April 16, 2008).'

    thats true, but when does the target timeframe clock start? when they receive the app or when the priority date becomes current?


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  • kris04
    02-19 11:25 AM
    Dear Friends,

    I applied for my AP with a RD of Dec.8, 2007, during the last 3 days I am noticing change in LUD , including yesterday (02/18). One surprising data I found was even there is a LUD on my previously approved AP.



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  • immi_twinges
    07-20 04:02 PM
    Senator Kennedy gave big speeches on immigration.
    he talks about amnesty to people who stayed illegally for 10 years
    How about staying legally for 10 years...

    The Democrats falsely accused the anti-amnesty forces of "opposing immigration" and "racism." Actually more Democrats voted Nay.

    I though Kennedy was pro immigration...looks like he just cares about illegal immigration..

    Lets ask the so called pro immigration senators who voted naey...why they did it
    Arent they aware of the USCIS wasting so many visas and plight of legal immigrants
    They want to convert illegals to legal...
    Lets ask them to First fix the Legal immigration:mad:


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  • Eb3_frustrated
    04-25 02:55 PM

    Good thing you are doing and not talking, but lot of members are giving good suggestions, like contacting Professors who attended the Hearing this morning in the judiciary commitee meetings. Isnt that a new idea that was brought about only today...

    We need more ideas and more action as we go along.

    ...not people running around with sticks trying to exert power or whatever they think they are doing..I mean grow up man..learn to deal with people

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  • pappu
    11-17 11:52 PM
    Hi everyone,

    I would like to have a conference call this Sunday between 3pm-3:30 pm. Please tell me if this will work out for you all? Please shoot me an e-mail at with your availability, your phone number and most accessed e-mail account.

    Once everyone confirms I will forward some discussion points for the call.

    I look foward to hearing back from you.


    Thank you Jimi for taking the lead and starting the chaper work.

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  • h1techSlave
    03-03 02:09 PM
    There is no need for people to call USCIS. The PD date movement is based on demand. Even for a worst case scenario, USCIS should use 3300 visas for EB3-I. By Aug 2009, if they have only used 1000 visas, then DOS will move the PD for EB3-I by a couple of months.

    Now my prediction. We will see PD current for all categories except for EB3-I/EB2-I/EB2-C in by August 2009. EB3-I would reach 2003 Jan. EB2-I and EB2-C will reach 2006 Jan.

    I have no real basis for my prediction. Like Michael Crichton would say, no body can predict the future. We can only guess about what would happen in the future. Some of that guess is a calculated/informed guess; still it is just a guess.

    How many of the returning people would call USCIS to cancel their 485s? I see almost zero.

    09-11 04:14 PM
    I m in ...They really dont know what they are doing ...How hard is it to find pending applications in thier database ?

    Move to 2006 and approve 2006 cases and move it back to 2003 they really need help

    This is frustating, I am yet to recover from the shock, I have started preparing to file premium H1 renewal next month. My PD is current but I have no hope of my 485 getting approved this month. I feel betrayed.

    09-11 06:11 PM
    I am confused by your post.. who's side are you on? :D

    Seeing ur quote I remember another quote..

    Though What I am going to tell is not in the context of D.C.Rally

    Late Indian Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao has a great quote, which he often quoted to reporters at interviews, where he was silent on many burning issues of his time and later used to say

    "Not taking a decision also a decision."

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