Sunday, July 31, 2011

Modern Body Art Tattoos

Modern Body Art Tattoos may have become a popular fashion statement in the recent times, but its origin has been traced to many ancient times and has been very popular in different regions of the world among various cultures and tribes.

It has been seen that every culture and race in the world has something unique about it that gives it a unique identity. Body Art Tattoos has been one such form which has been exclusive to that particular tribe or race of people.
Men and women both sported such Body Art Tattoos and the designs and patterns created were usually symbolic of their gods or other divine forms that they used to worship and follow. Some Body Art Tattoos were also believed to have marked battles or ancestral relationships with their gods or forefathers and sometimes of reincarnation.Women would get Body Art Tattoos, often after their marriage to mark their dedication to their husband and children. Thus a persons Body Art Tattoos used to tell a lot about the person.

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