Thursday, August 4, 2011

Face Tattoos

Face Tattoos
Face Tattoos Look extremely trendy. If you are a tattoo lover and want to experiment this, here are some ideas for you.
Face tattoos are one of the most bold type of body arts that one can done. With the tattoos becoming a trend that is commonly followed, almost all ideas, designs and placement options for flaunting these have been explored.

From the Small tattoos on the ankles till the complete Lower back tattoos, tattoo lovers have tried almost all of these. While each one has his/ her own choice when it comes to placement, face is an option that many love for getting a tattoo inked over. With maximum visibility, these definitely show off your boldness while you have one. If you are ready or planning to have a face tattoo, here’s more for you.

Face Tattoos Placement
Well, you have a number of placement options for the facial tattoos. One of the popular placements for face tattoos for women is the temples. Another popular option is eyelid. The most popular idea of having tattoos for men is on the entire head.

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