Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • rongha_2000
    04-30 04:03 PM
    They are bullsxxting themselves and everyone else. I am amazed..!! These committee members dont have a clue of what they are hearing about. Mixing GCs with H1-B. This issue is always a killer and more inportantly not even related to issue at hand..!!

    I am losing hopes.. I might find solace in Alberta, I hope.

    I don't understand how removing the country limit may have resorce implications, as how I understand is, instead of adjucation an EB-2(2008) from Mali you'll be adjucating an EB-2(2004) from India, what difference it is for them ???

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  • cjain
    07-06 04:03 PM
    AILA has reported a very interesting or confusing DOS LegalNet Office letter which one of the members received towards the fact that the consular posts had already been allocated their numbers for the month of July prior to EB visa numbers becoming unavailable on July 2 and that the posts may continue to use their July allocations of EB numbers, and continue to issue Immigrant Visas for the rest of this month, July, for those applicants who were scheduled for IV interviews in July. Hm.....................................

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  • abhijitp
    07-06 09:47 AM
    Can anyone post the email of the reporter?

    Then click on Send an email to Julia Preston

    The following page comes up:
    Send a Message to JULIA PRESTON

    Delivery of this e-mail may be delayed. If you need to reach The Times immediately, please call 212-556-1234.

    Your name:
    Your Email Address:
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  • rockstart
    10-01 11:28 AM
    I dont understand your H4 expiry date shoud be tied to your husbands H1 date. So if your DL expires then automatically his DL should also have expired.

    Hi folks,

    I'm a desperate house spouse(H4) and now not only I can't work but I can't drive either because the current visa expires on May 10 and the new extension is not here yet. The folks at DMV didn't wanna give an extension for the DL unless I bring a new I 94. Now the poor H1 has to do 2 jobs

    1. work his but off at work to get GC
    2. drive the kids up and down, do the shopping, etc etc because the desperate h4 can't move a finger.

    Anyone in the same barrel?
    Please give some toughts.:rolleyes:


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  • bkn96
    12-01 09:50 AM
    Hmmm....I am still wondering...

    1> How much money an applicant will spend on MTR? on self, on dependents?
    2> How much money an applicant will bleed to move to US District Court?
    3> If an applicant is working on EAD during all this farce, would he be able to continue working (atleast seeing paycheck) or will seat at home and bleed more?
    4> if he looses EAD job, will CIS again punish him for not having a job?
    5> Even after doing all these above, what if he accumulates 180 days of unlawful(?) presence? will he be deported for following the laws?
    6> Last question: Are those undocumented workers are better positioned to get legal citizenship in long run than those legal skilled immigrants from retrogressed countries?

    (sorry for my language, but I can't understand the logic behind such a serious painful punishment to an innocent lawful AC-21 user without any fault of his own? is there justice? what do I not understand here? I am sure I am missing something. Please guide!!!)

    1. MTR -USCIS fee$585, Lawyer fee vary between $750 to $3500. Dependents another $500 extra in lawyer fee
    2. US court no idea - but RG website says they take cases free of charges if case is strong as they can get attorney fee from USCIS..

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  • GCKaMaara
    02-23 12:53 PM

    i just returned from an infopass meeting... the guy i talked to said that they recently have a directive from the DHS/USCIS that they want to separate the legal stuff from the illegal stuff and hence they are planning to adjudicate a record number of EB apps in the next quarter or two... does anyone else concur? is this true or were my ears just ringing in that meeting?


    Wonderful! How much I believe IO from USCIS is a different story :)


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  • jonty_11
    07-06 01:09 PM
    According to the State Department, from October 1, 2006 through May 30, 2007, the USCIS requested and was authorized the total EB visa numbers of 66,426. Between June 1 and the first few days of July (?), the USCIS requested and was authorized over 60,000 EB visa numbers, in approximately one month. Since it has been made clear by the USCIS that during the last weekend of June (2 days) the USCIS approved 25,000 EB 485 applications, apparently over 40,000 visa numbers were requested and authorized before the weekend. Obviously the 60,000 plus cases must thus have been approved (?) in one month
    ok this is from Oh's website..pelase always quote source.

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  • ragz4u
    03-09 08:56 AM
    He wants to make sure that atleast 8 members till 1.00 so that amendments can be passed/rejected

    Senator Grassley wants an amendment (#6291) that DHS should have more transparency when signing contracts with international firms....nothing to do with us again :(

    Senator Sessions wants some amendment for Illegal immigrant detention!

    I hope they bring in an amendment for Legal immigrants eventually !


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  • snathan
    08-23 10:47 PM
    I have nothing to recommend to them as things are fine as they are. And there will be no recommendation coming from me to close any door at all, whether it be for EB2 or anyone else.
    You can go ahead and recommend against EB3 BSc BCom losers, as it is your business

    To shut down a program because of a few mis-users : I am sure you WONT agree to extend this logic to your precious EB2 application when someone points out how someone else misused it

    Then why you are fighting for the spill over rules as they stand. Because its going to help you :confused:

    Read all the pages and let us know where you find the information “close the door”. All we are saying is to close the loophole. There are genuine people getting the Eb1C and no one is complaining about it. We are all bothered only when your so called multinational exploiting it.

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  • solraj
    03-17 07:54 PM
    Guys as it states both you and your spouse need to have an SSN not ITIN.
    So if one has ssn other has ITIN you are not qualified.


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  • another one
    07-06 08:35 AM
    I think the biggest lesson for you will come in through this thread itself. You may find, after all, its not that easy to motivate people to take action, much less form a coherent strategy and run with it.

    My guess is in the end you will come out cursing not just the core but all IV members for them lacking or something, because they can't get on board with your idea.

    The only reason IV has been able to achieve something with such a low amount of "per capita" effort is because it's an "apoltical" and "volunteer" organization. You change that to "political", and amount of effort (time and money) people will contribute will fizzle out before you can have your post election party!

    My suggestion: Open a parallel organzation. Learn what it takes to get people on board with your agenda. if you DELIVER SOMETHING, people will automatically follow you.

    Funds will follow if people see viability. Anywaz nothing is coming out of lobbying efforts so currently how does it even matter ?

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  • chanduv23
    09-13 12:01 PM
    Just now contibuted USD 100.00..sorry could not contribute a big amount..under a huge debt now...may be in future..

    PayPal Confirmation Number: 06B71369TE645612G


    Thanks for your wonderful gesture


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  • Milind123
    09-13 08:59 AM
    Yesterday I contributed $300 and I hope I do better than that today, but I need help from all those people who have never contributed. So please pull the trigger. I am only one contribution (of $100) away from a first time contributor. As soon as I get that I will post my contribution. As soon as I do that sam2006 is going to make his contribution of $100.

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  • WeldonSprings
    05-02 01:52 PM
    One interesting thing from the anti-immigrant community represented by Steve King in this testimony was when he asked the Visa Division Chief, that -How many immigrants have we admitted to the United States between 1992-2006 who were refugees and asylees, that were not counted in the annual numerical limit? So, he basically wants to overwrite the Visa Recapture bill, by saying that since we admitted 'refugees and asylees' which were outside the limit, then there is no need to recapture unused visas, since those unused numbers have already been offset by refugees and asylees.

    1. Another reply was If we use All permitted unsed visa, Where would we be in terms of EB visa. His response was Probably china/India Second category will be clear.

    2. According to Him 65% of visa has been used for this year. less amount of visa remain now for this year. We shouldn't expect miracle for this year at least.

    3. Let Join hands together and follow the HSMP people did in UK.


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  • priti8888
    07-18 05:35 PM
    You should be happy as you have a very old PD.

    As u mentioned that you applied in mid june but the receipt date is mid july. What is your notice date? I thought that receipt date is the date when uscis receives your application. I may be wrong.

    RECIPT DATE is the date when they input your info in the system. Before inputting in the system they check I140,medicals,etc. Notice date has no bearing. If your packet looks fine you get your receipt number and then you will be able to view the status on The status will be something like "On july 9th 2007 we received your applivction ..............etc"

    "Status :case received and pending"

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    09-01 01:47 PM
    Been here since August 1995 - came on F1 undergrad

    and counting. Looks like you were out of luck. You would have been an citizen if you started your greencard pre-1999.


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  • chmur
    01-06 12:57 PM
    what matters more , IMHO, is some of the basic skills like motivation, hunger for goal, work ethic, stress management etc which typically is categorized as life skills. Which are not teachable.

    Immigrants have these in plenty, that probably explains why a graduate from village school in India, can kick ass in a duke and later succeed at work too.

    Education helps, quality education starts one off with advantage. But that's about is marathon not a 4-6 year sprint @ universities.

    These studies by wadhwa and co should start looking at these and not just patents , quality of education etc .


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  • aeroterp
    06-12 04:15 PM
    In many states, it is possible to renew your DL online. Why do you have to go to the actual DMV to renew? I think you should be able to avoid a lot of your troubles by applying online.

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  • Raju
    07-06 02:37 PM
    More important is the last 48 hrs where they processed 25000 cases

    Ohh this guy has a good first name - 485 granted.
    Ohh this guy married twice,needs money - 485 granted.
    Ooh this girl doesnt look good - 485 denied.
    Ooh this girl has excellent looks - 485 granted.
    Ooh This couple stayed EUROPE not so loyal - 485 denied.

    and so on and so forth....

    I doubt if anyone was denied. They have to approve anyone and everyone to meet the numbers.

    07-14 01:39 PM

    12-11 09:47 PM
    for the first time (in 5 years that I have been tracking them) the visa bulletin looks like it was "made in America". The america of old, the one that is so organized that every official form includes an estimated time on how long it takes to fill it up. The one where every street has a clear name marker, every intersection has multiple stop lights, multiple signs. Where the little cats-eyes on the road are color coded[1] Where lines form automagically when a bunch of people converge on anything. Where you can go to any .gov site and pick up whatever statistics you want on anything from agriculture, to factories, to healthcare.
    This is a nation built on documentation and organization.

    For the first time the visa bulletin does not look like some discarded bingo card or four monkeys getting excited on a typewriter. For the first time the numbers make sense, they explain why they are what they are. They even put our prediction threads out of business by coming out with their own set of predictions for the rest of the year.

    USCIS has had data like this for eons (how many cases pending in which category and from which country). It took the usual american obsession with data and organizing data to come out with all this.

    Kudos to them.

    Things remain bleak, but just to see something so neatly organized and put out was heartening to me.

    P.S: and no, this is not them just doing their job. Their job is to put out the dates every month (like they have been doing for atleast over a decade). To clearly spell out how many cases are pending (like their recent report), and now to predict how these dates will move, is IMO going beyond the minimum requirements of the job, and is much appreciated.

    [1]: blue meaning a firehydrant, yellow as a separator of lanes in different directions, white in the same direction, red is dont enter. found the meaning of the blue one recently, and was impressed. atleast in CA this is what they are.

    Nice observations.

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