Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • sheela
    08-13 04:53 PM
    Signature has all relevant information.
    Congrats: I feel better after seeing your posting. Mine too was received by R William at 7.55 on 7/2. May be it is on way too

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  • geevikram
    12-12 02:44 AM
    Thanks for your advise on paying to IV. We posted our way of thinking!

    And to accomplish your way of thinking IV NEEDS DONATIONS. Not just for your smaller goals but for the overall good.

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  • thomachan72
    12-12 08:47 AM
    Bank Of America denied my car loan. They want only US citizens or GC holders. I have EAD and apparently its not good at all for anything. I can't even get my drivers license. The DMV is waiting for a response from DHS, until then I have to find other means to go to work.

    The other day at walmart, I paid my groceries, as usual with the credit card, so the walmart person wanted to see my ID. I showed her my EAD, she said she cannot accept that...she wants to see my Drivers License..I said it is expired and the only legal document with a photo ID is my EAD which is issued by the federal Gov...she was not convinces but said, "aahhh!!! thats okay, I trust you." and let me go...till the end she was not convinced in her mind.

    You will get your GC in 2011.
    Which state are you in? Try other means of financing for the car. Sometimes the dealers themselves have options but might be a % or two higher.
    There was a previous post regarding admisibility of EAD as one of the documents for DL. You might want to search for that post. I asume you dont have an H1b, right?

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  • IN2US
    07-06 02:33 PM
    Everyone from Janitors to Execs have been working for the last week to approve those 66K cases.

    --- Good one :D


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  • krish2005
    12-10 03:45 PM
    Its hurting to see that no major movements in jan bulletin. :mad:

    Sad story continues. Only EB3 moved by 1 month surprisingly.

    There is a chance that during this year, EB2 might become unavailable too.

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  • sukhwinderd
    04-01 08:15 AM
    FL stopped issuing DLs if you are on AOS (ie 485 pending) only with no backup H1/H4.
    my wife got her DL extended till AP validity even though her I-94 has expired. she entered as parolee.
    this is just FYI.


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  • gc_buddy
    10-21 01:35 PM

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  • chanduv23
    06-13 12:36 PM
    Come on folks - your contributions are highly appreciated


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  • kvsagar123
    07-19 12:47 PM
    I am silent reader on this site from last one month. It is great to know lot of people are working hard behing the scenes and really appreciate what IV has done regarding bulletin fiasco.

    I will make couple of friends to join IV and contribute.

    July 19th : signed up for 50$ recurring contribution

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  • she81
    08-13 04:48 PM
    I am exactly in the same situation. Sometimes I feel that I should just dump the EB3 application (PD: 12/04) and start a brand new EB2. Maybe the EB2 PD of say 12/08 will end up to be better than EB3 12/04.

    I believe everyone is thinking in the same direction... but if and only if we're able to come out of the blackhole called I-140.


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  • a_to_z_gc
    03-22 01:25 AM
    Hi gurus,

    Can you please let me know your views on my situation where both my original APs are stamped at the POE when I went to India and came back to US. Since I do not have a third AP original, will I have to get one from USCIS or can I use these two stamped ones to return to US if I intend to travel in near future?

    Is it possible to go to nearby USCIS office to get a new original AP?

    Please share your views,


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  • guy03062
    03-09 08:33 AM
    Please post any important updates here...seems today's session is already started...


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  • sareesh
    09-13 01:39 PM
    where you promoted for EB2 ?


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  • desi3933
    07-06 10:50 AM
    Although 30,000 people are IV members but when you need them except a couple of hundred you don't see anyone.

    How can an organization work which can't even collect 5K a month from its members. We all are willing to spend hundreds ( sometimes thousands ) of dollars on EAD, AP , H1, labor, I-140, I-485, lawyers etc etc and don't even spend 100$ a year (yes not month - a year).

    >> Although 30,000 people are IV members
    I beg to differ here. 30k+ plus people have signed up so far, but how many are active now? How many have even logged in IV in last 3 months or even 6 months? I don't see any link to discontinue membership here, so we don't know how many people up signed up and left?

    There is no way to know count of "active members". Many IV members have got GC in last 2 years and they have "quitely" left IV and forgotten the struggle by EB based immigrants. How many members stay at IV after getting GC?

    Many people believe that by getting EAD they are Temp GC holders and motivation for seeking any benefit is gone.

    I am pained to say this, but we are a thankless community.



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  • India_USA
    09-27 08:45 AM
    The number of years spent waiting does add to the frustration, but the feeling of being stuck is something we share irrespective of the years... brotherhood/sisterhood!

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  • Raju
    07-06 04:05 PM
    AILA has reported a very interesting or confusing DOS LegalNet Office letter which one of the members received towards the fact that the consular posts had already been allocated their numbers for the month of July prior to EB visa numbers becoming unavailable on July 2 and that the posts may continue to use their July allocations of EB numbers, and continue to issue Immigrant Visas for the rest of this month, July, for those applicants who were scheduled for IV interviews in July. Hm.....................................

    This was what I mentioned earlier. This was reported by AILA a while ago.


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  • bpadala
    05-20 12:50 AM

    This is the check list I used when I submitted my AC21 paper work last November when I moved out of my GC Sponsoring employer.

    1. Cover letter mentioning you have all the eligibility to invoke AC21 after 180 days of filing your AOS and if your I140 is approved and as long as the roles and responsibilities are same or similar.

    2. Attach an employer letter stating the job responsibilties mentioned on your Labour Certification petition along with your designation (Make sure it matches with one on your labour petition too). Make sure your employer adds something like providing employment even after your adjustment of status and its a permanent offer.

    3. Attach approved I140 notice and pending I485 receipt

    4. Attach your PERM/Regular LC petition.

    5. Attach a copy of the AC21 memo which will remind there is a Govt Memo out to support your AC21..

    This should help your case. I wish you success.


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  • pappu
    06-02 11:04 PM
    Ironical, isn't it? This diatribe coming from someone whose handle is "BigLoser"!! From which mushrooom did you crawl under?

    Thanks, but no thanks!
    Thank you for the troll alert. The post is deleted. Please inform when you find such post.
    Any post from such users will mean immediate ban without any warning. All moderators will be very strict during these months. We get lot of traffic from anti immigrants and we dont have time for their nonsense. They can take it anywhere else they want and sulk. Bye bye BigLoser. You have just been banned!

    All members are requested to point to any such posts immediately to moderators so that they can take immediate action.

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  • ameryki
    01-06 03:56 PM

    I talked to my lawyer and she didn't mention about any kind of delay so can you please give me some more details about this PIM and how does it affect the whole process and slow things down.

    Thanks a lot in advanced

    scorion PIM process is a new additional step that is now part of visa stamping process. if you read around here you will find out more about it but in short uscis office in kentucy has to scan and upload all your supporting documents i.e employement letter etc that you might have used to get an H1 approval. The embassy you will visit for visa stamping has to review all the uploaded doc's before stamping your visa. Now I read in one of the thread here that someone in chennai has been stuck for over 3 to 4 weeks after their visa intvw just because the PIM process is not done. Hope this helps. Check out this thread:

    07-06 01:57 PM
    we really need this benefit....or else we may have our hair on fire....
    Rumor has to be true..or else I am ......................going to Canada
    me too. Personally I think Australia might have better weather but Canada is closer

    02-24 06:38 PM
    I have MBA from an American university, do you think it's going to help me?

    MBA is always better than a MS from US..guaranteed. MS doesn't fetch much. I know it first hand. I have MS from US and worked in India. I then got an MBA from Canada.

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